Clean cooking

Nobody should get sick cooking a meal for children.


Food For Thought builds school and community kitchens equipped with clean or improved cook stoves and the cooking equipment needed to prepare food in these institutional settings.

The healthy meals cooked in these kitchens act as an impetus for students to increase their school attendance, help to improve their ability to learn as well as the health of the students and school cooks.

Imagine cooking indoors, on the ground, on a smoky, open fire. Imagine doing this everyday – not only at home, but also when you volunteer to cook lunch at your child’s school in exchange for a meal because you are so poor. This is the reality for women all around the world and it is so dangerous and unhealthy, that globally, more than 4 million people die per year from health issues caused by unclean cookstoves.

Food for Thought is addressing this problem in Haiti by converting schools from charcoal stoves to clean burning liquid propane gas units. We also install water lines and sinks so the mother cooks can wash and clean more easily.

Not only are we making the school kitchens a cleaner and safer place for the cooks, but in many cases, the addition of a new kitchen, which many schools don’t have, means that they are finally eligible for the state sponsored school feeding program. As we all know – children who eat during the day are better prepared to learn. Schools that can offer hot lunches, prepared in a safe and healthy way will have better students and happier moms!

The Impact:

140+ schools built or renovated

10 million healthy meals prepared in WCK kitchens

65,000 students and school cooks impacted


At the Pierre Labiterie municipal school, WCK installed stainless steel tables, gas stoves, and painted the walls, which had turned black from the charcoal fires.


Prior to conversion by WCK, a school kitchen in Port-au-Prince burns charcoal to cook lunch for students.