#ChefsForFlorida Update: 150,000 Meals

Less than a month Hurricane Michael (the 3rd largest hurricane to hit the U.S.) devastated the Florida Panhandle, World Central Kitchen's Chef Relief team has served over 150,000 meals to victims of the storm and local emergency response teams.

Hurricane Michael, which made landfall on October 10th, caused power outages for 1.5 million people, and placed over 500,000 people under evacuation orders. Over 60,000 people sought refuge in evacuation centers, and many more remained in their homes without access to power or hot food.

World Central Kitchen's Chef Relief Team arrived days before the storm and began cooking out of the Bay County Emergency Operations center in Panama City. From there, we have expanded our operations to serve 55 distribution points (including shelters, neighborhoods, and first responder bases) from three kitchens and three food trucks.

Our Chef Relief Team has placed a special focus on serving communities that are often overlooked and where damage has been most extensive, like Callaway, a community near Panama City, and Mexico Beach, which was flattened by 155 mph winds. From our kitchens and food trucks come warm, comforting meals, like teriyaki smoked pork and veggie fried rice with a fresh spinach salad, or a heaping serving of paella from one of our outdoor paella operations.

We're honored to be supporting communities most in need with fresh, unprocessed food — but we need your help! Donate below to help us purchase ingredients and supplies to power our operations, reaching over 10,000 people each day. Follow #ChefsForFlorida on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates.