2014 Programs Are Changing Lives with Smart Solutions

How have we changes the lives of thousands? Find out in World Central Kitchen's 2014 annual report. At World Central Kitchen, we are happy to share with you our impact on thousands of individuals. In the following pages, you will read multiple stories of people who have been affected by the power of food through WCK's smart solutions to hunger and poverty.

AbdonThere will be stories from people like Elizabeth, a Haitian cook who was able to breathe easier with the help of cleancookstoves and sanitation. Dreamers like Abdon, who has always wanted to be a chef and is now an assistant for the new WCK Culinary Curriculum, will also share their successes.

The transformative power of World Central Kitchen has allowed us to change lives for the better in each of our programs. Thanks to your support, we have been able to impact so many lives, with many more to come. We look forward to another great year of success stories.