WCK Annual Report: 3 Years, 3 Areas of Focus

haiti girls Over the past few years, World Central Kitchen has gained a reputation as a chef-driven non-profit organization finding Smart Solutions to Hunger and Poverty. As we refine our goals, we have defined three key areas of focus: health, education, and jobs.

A lot can happen in three years. In the mountains of Haiti, a clearing can become a canteen - a place where a community of people can feed themselves. In Zambia, a kitchen can become a bakery - a business that creates revenue to support an orphan school.

We are doing a lot with a little, and we have many of people to thank for our growth and success. Our Chef Network, made up of 50 chefs from many different places, has been especially helpful in furthering our cause. We will continue to create jobs and strengthen economies, support education, and improve health around the globe.

Read more about WCK's accomplishments in our 2015 Annual Report.