WCK serves 250,000 meals in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian

It has been just over two weeks since Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas, wiping out communities and displacing thousands. In that time, WCK has served more than 250,000 meals to survivors of the storm, and we are still cooking.

The situation in the Bahamas remains extremely challenging. Communities are still without communications, water, or power. While many residents have left Abaco and Grand Bahama, many others still remain. From our #ChefsForBahamas kitchen in Nassau, WCK continues to deliver meals to the Abaco islands via helicopter. From there, we then distribute them further with the help of local team members. Meals are being delivered to community centers, clinics, churches, and into local neighborhoods that have been isolated by the storm.

Our Relief Team has also set up a kitchen in Freeport where we are preparing lunch and dinner each day that is delivered to various locations around Grand Bahama. This paella operation is one of the ways WCK’s #ChefsForPuertoRico team served millions of meals following Hurricane Maria almost 2 years ago, so they have joined us once again in the Bahamas to serve those in need. We have been so fortunate to have had the support of amazing local volunteers, like Eliza pictured below!

In addition to serving meals directly to the impacted islands, WCK is serving meals to those who have evacuated and are living in shelters in Nassau. We are prepared to scale up the amount of meals served at these shelters if the need continues to rise.

During our Hurricane Dorian Relief efforts, we have met some incredible individuals who inspire us to keep cooking every day. Meet Haji, Alexander, and Annie. Their house was destroyed. Alexander pulled them all into a cabinet to keep them safe, and rigged up sofas to cover them “like an armadillo shell.” Dorian felt like it was a beast trying to tear through the shell, but they survived. They are big into yoga and repeated mantras through the storm. It must have worked. They were offered a place on a plane to Nassau, but gave it up to people who needed it more. They want to stay. They’re living in their car, but remain positive. They have two dogs, this one is Misty!

We also met John who is currently staying at the Central Abaco Primary School. He was wandering around with a ukulele so we asked him to play a song. He told us to play for him, and we said we didn't know how. John then played only while our backs were turned. He told us he has been loving WCK meals.


While delivering meals to Fox Town in Little Abaco, we met John Russell, one of the town’s great patriarchs! He has five grandchildren there. We gave him a lift back to Nassau so he can see his doctor. Fox Town is a beautiful community of about 300 remaining people.


WCK will continue serving tens of thousands of meals every day to those in need. To support our efforts, please donate here. For real-time updates, please follow WCK on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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