A Women's Movement in Mozambique

Meet Bendita! She is part of a local women’s movement called Grupo de Mulheres de Partilha de Ideias de Sofala (GMPIS). They’ve been distributing chicken they received from WCK to affected families in more remote neighborhoods. In the first few days alone, they distributed to 76 families in 6 different neighborhoods.

GMPIS makes a concerted effort to serve older members of the community, as their inability to wait in long lines for services often means they don’t receive the support they need. One woman who received chicken from GMPIS is Farença Tomo. She's 96 years old, and her house was completely destroyed in the cyclone. Neighbors helped build a makeshift house for her, her daughter and grandchildren.

Additionally, the women have been taking chicken to Jardim Pela Vida em Moçambique, a local pre-school. The school is run by a local initiative in Nhangau, and it takes care of approximately 100 young children every day.

Jardim Pela Vida em Moçambique works very hard to provide the children with nutritious meals. They even have a garden with over 100 medicinal plants, like hibiscus flowers, that they use to make tea and juice for the kids. Here, Mr. Vengai showed the WCK Relief Team the garden's hibiscus flowers.

Using the chicken delivered by GMPIS and some of the plants from the school's garden, including Moringa, they made a stew! Moringa is great for young children because it contains large amounts of protein and vitamins and minerals.

And these women don't just stop at food delivery. Some sew clothing and some even raise their own chickens.

As with so many of the people we have met in Mozambique, we are in awe of how this community has stepped up to care for one another after Cyclone Idai. We're honored to be a small part of their recovery process.