A Year of Smart Solutions

Bakers in Haiti2013 was a year of SMART SOLUTIONS from World Central Kitchen. Here's a recap of the life changing projects we've launched this year to FEED HOPE and CHANGE LIVES.

  • Constructed a Smart School Kitchen in the mountains of Haiti that feeds 200 children, enabling them to stay in school and training community members on clean cookstoves.
  • Invested in a Sustainable Bakery at the Zamni Beni orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti, training bakers to produce baked goods for sale while providing jobs and revenue for the orphanage.
  • Launched the World Central Kitchen Culinary School at Elie du Bois, empowering young Haitian women with culinary skills to help them improve their incomes while strengthening the food service industry of the country.
  • Empowered a Cooperative of 21 Women in the Dominican Republic to produce delicious honey to sell in their community, providing sustainable revenue and empowering these women to become economically independent.

Thanks for helping us make all of this possible!

Please make a contribution to our future success by making a year-end gift to support more SMART SOLUTIONS in 2014, using the power of food to change lives throughout the world.

From all of us at World Central Kitchen,

Happy New Year!