African Leaders Summit Shares WCK Food Security Goals

nkosa0508_640_426_100[2]This week, the first U.S.—Africa Leaders Summit is taking place with a special event entitled “Resilience and Food Security in a Changing Climate” featuring USAID administrator Raj Shah, Secretary of State John Kerry, Dr. Jill Biden, African Union chair Madame Zuma and others. The speakers stressed the need to modernize agriculture, increase employment of youth and women in the food business, and the necessity of private sector involvement—mirroring many of WCK’s current and future project plans. WCK hopes to soon expand to Africa to implement several projects that have been huge successes in Haiti. With the help of the World LP Gas Association, WCK is working to develop an offshoot of the Haiti Breathes program and convert schools to LPG in Africa. Seeing the successes of the Sustainable Bakery, WCK also plans for revenue-generating cafes with NGO partners in countries like Zambia and Ghana. Similar to the Culinary School and Smart School Kitchen models, World Central Kitchen will help to build community kitchens and provide basic culinary and food safety training.

Through these project areas, WCK is mirroring the call to action of the African Leaders Summit by doing its part to engage the younger generation, empower women and change the face of agriculture and food security in Africa. Talk about a sustainable solution!