Bright Futures Ahead For Haiti’s Culinary School Grads

"I can not wait to have my internship in a professional kitchen. I am ready to show them my skills and my passion for my new career.” — Jennifer Sylvestre, WCK Culinary School Class of 2017 Last week, World Central Kitchen culinary school students in Haiti overcame one last hurdle in their path towards becoming chefs: a final buffet. Judged by local restaurateurs and World Central Kitchen staff, students showed off their knife skills, technique, and knowledge of the kitchen.

But for these dedicated students, this hurdle is a step towards an exciting future. Graduates of the culinary school are placed in an internship at a local hotel or restaurant following completion of their final exam. Because of their superior training, most of these internships translate to jobs for these ambitious students.

We’re proud to have graduated 86 students from the culinary school in Port-Au-Prince. Check out highlights from our last group of graduates here, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on our projects all over the globe.