Chawama is Yawama

Baker side photo zambia"Chawama is Yawama!" This means, "Chawama is delicious!" in the local Nyanja language of Lusaka, Zambia. Outside World Central Kitchen's bakery in Zambia, children line up and chant the phrase as the bakers make fresh bread within. Chawama bakery's new goal is to produce and sell 200 loaves of bread every day, doubling their current output. This week, WCK trained the bakers in preparation of meeting this new goal. The bread will be sold on-site and at a new Chawama Bakery store in a new neighborhood funded by World Central Kitchen.

The extra sales will increase profits to approximately 8,000 Kwacha, or $800 USD, per month. This money supports teachers' salaries and provides healthy lunches for 100 children. Through the increased production and revenue, the school plans on expanding it's capacity to 200 students by next year.