Chef David Destinoble Represents Haiti and WCK in Rio


The Olympics may be over, but there is still plenty going on in Brazil. Not far from where the Olympic stadium stands in Rio is an organization called Gastromotiva, which works with low income Brazilians - training them in culinary skills for new jobs

As part of their Rio project, and in partnership with Chef Massimo Boturra, they formed Refettorio Gastromotiva - using unused product from the Olympic Village and guest chefs from around the world to feed those in need. 

Guest Chef David Destinoble, of WCK’s Chef Network, visited the organization this week ready to represent Haiti. 

David, based in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, prepared traditional Haitian fare for the 70 guests while coaching the program’s trainees. His dishes included:

  • Pumpkin Soup with radish and pumpkin seeds
  • Griot with white rice, sauce pois, lugume (stewed vegetables) and picklese
  • Banana bread pudding with homemade passion fruit ice cream

World Central Kitchen looks forward to collaborating with Gastromotiva in the future, bringing our chef expertise to their mission.