Chefs on the Front Lines: Celebrating Three Years

Over the past three years, the 60+ members of the World Central Kitchen Chef Network have given their expertise, passion, and time to our programs. Here are a few ways chefs step out of their kitchens and into our work around the world.

  • Training the next generation of chefs: Dan Traster (former Dean of Stratford Culinary School) developed the curriculum for the World Central Kitchen Culinary School in Haiti and trained our teachers. We have graduated over 80 talented chefs thanks to his expert training.

  • Serving meals with dignity: When heavy flooding struck Peru earlier this year, Victor Albisu and Chris Peña of Del Campo and Taco Bamba traveled with us to serve hot meals to families that had lost almost everything.

  • Teaching best practices: Erik Bruner-Yang traveled with World Central Kitchen to Siem Reap, Cambodia to teach students at five schools and other community members about the importance of food safety and sanitation training through our program, Sink To Stove.

  • Supporting small businesses: Pichet Ong visited Chawama Bakery in Zambia to share new recipes with our bakers. Learning how to increase profits is just one of the many things that chefs can share about owning a business.

We are thankful to every member of our Chef Network for helping us to use food as an agent of change around the world. Join our email list to get the latest updates from our chef-driven projects.