#ChefsForHawaii Update: 50,000 Meals!

The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island has been erupting since May, covering over 12 miles of the island with black lava and destroying 700 homes. Since we arrived just days after the first eruption, #ChefsForHawaii has been providing quality meals to families that were forced to flee to avoid the catastrophic damage.


Shortly after the first eruption in May, our team arrived and began distributing meals and gas masks to evacuated areas. We then established an emergency kitchen in Pahoa, and began working with local organizations to identify shelters in need.

To date, #ChefsForHawaii has served, prepared, and delivered prepared almost 50,000 meals for eight different locations. In addition to feeding families in shelters, #ChefsForHawaii has also prepared meals for first responders, a summer camp for children in shelters, and for displaced seniors living in temporary housing through Hope Services.

One of our main delivery points referred to by locals as "The Hub" was formed by the Pahoa community to provide meals and essentials for those in need. Our team offers fresh, chef-prepared meals, often local favorites, like kahlua pork and cabbage or loco moco. For many, The Hub is an opportunity to seek the comfort of good food and community during a trying time.


Geologists estimate that the volcano could remain active for several more months, and many families have not yet relocated to new housing. WCK's Chef Relief Team is closely monitoring the situation and will continue to serve as long as there is need. Follow #ChefsForHawaii on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.