#ChefsForIndonesia: 7 Months, 567,678 Meals

It's been a long night for Habib, who has been sitting on the beach of Labuhan for hours now. After his family lost their home due to a massive tsunami, he and a group of twenty others have been keeping watch from sunset to sunrise every night to warn the rest of the village of any coming tsunamis or danger.

Habib has often spent these night watches on an empty stomach — with the catastrophic damage and impact on his family, he only gets a meal if there's enough to first feed his parents and his three siblings. When Ramiro from our Chef Relief Team showed up with a meal and a lantern, our goal was simple: to make him feel a little less alone.

Over the past seven months that WCK has been active in Indonesia, we've met many others like Habib that have shown incredible resiliency in the face of tragedy. From Lombok to Banten, our #ChefsForIndonesia team has worked with local villages, schools, and businesses as we've worked to support recovery with 567,678 chef-prepared meals.

As WCK begins to scale down our operations, we're working to ensure that communities like Labuhan are able to recover. We've invested in clean cookstoves and other cooking equipment to support community kitchens that will continue to feed survivors of the earthquakes and tsunamis that have rocked Indonesia.

Thank you for your continued support of our work in Indonesia — view a recap of our efforts below!