José arrived in San Juan on Monday and has been working with Puerto Rican chef Jose Enrique at his restaurant in Santurce to prepare meals for victims of Hurricane Maria. José and chefs from Enrique's restaurant and El Churry have been busy preparing sancocho (a Puerto Rican stew) and sandwiches to deliver to six hospitals today. With additional supplies arriving as fast as they can, it's estimated that the team will be able to prepare and deliver upwards of 10,000 meals daily using food trucks and delivery vans.

Additional members of World Central Kitchen's Chef Relief Network are arriving tomorrow to provide additional firepower for our chef-driven relief. To continue our efforts, donations are urgently needed to purchase food, water, and fuel.

Donate now to help us support our friends in Puerto Rico and help us spread the word using #ChefsForPuertoRico on Twitter and Instagram.