Coming To A Cup Near You: World Central Kitchen's Smart Roast Coffee!

World Central Kitchen is excited to announce that our Smart Roast Coffee is coming to the US! This project, which is disrupting the coffee supply chain industry in Nicaragua, gives farmers and their families more equitable income and reinvests in education initiatives for the children of coffee-farming families. World Central Kitchen has partnered with Vega Coffee and Fabretto to bring this project to fruition. Vega has trained Nicaraguan farmers in origin roasting, giving them ownership over an additional step in the coffee supply chain. By doing this, coffee farming families are paid 400% more than they had made previously. Profits from Smart Roast are then reinvested in Fabretto, which provides quality education and vocational training for the children of coffee-farming families.

Smart Roast made its US debut at the VIP Afterparty at Dine-N-Dash 2017 in Washington D.C., and will be available soon for sale online and in retail stores. Sign up for our email list to be the first to know when Smart Roast will come to a cup near you!