“What If Together, We Could Feed The Many?”

[vimeo id="95672558"] José Andrés delivered a powerful speech to the crowd of 26,000 graduates and guests at the George Washington University Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, May 18. Andrés started his speech by describing how he became a “cook”, and he explained that by working together, we can attain the new American dream, which he defined as “achieving your success while making an impact on the world.” He then empowered and encouraged the audience to start writing new recipes to solve the challenges we face as a society today.

After explaining how he began looking at nonprofits in a new light by volunteering at DC Central Kitchen, he went on to describe how he founded World Central Kitchen. He stated, “I didn’t want to throw money at the problem, but invest in sustainable solutions… It’s not about giving bread to orphans, its about building a bakery that can feed an orphanage and sell the bread in the city.” Andrés ended his speech by expressing how proud he was of the graduates and encouraged them to start acting on their ambitions now!