WCK Tours Farms, Researches Smart Solutions in Cuba

Earlier this month, World Central Kitchen visited Cuba along with U.S. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and the Center for Democracy in the Americas. The trip brought the group to Havana with an aim to study organic and sustainable agriculture in the area and food trends. WCK was joined by two chefs in our Chef Network, Tom Colicchio of Top Chef fame and Victor Albisu, owner of Del Campo in D.C. Together, they toured two organic Cuban farms -- one privately owned, and one owned by the state.

Later in the trip, Stonyfield Farms and Organic Valley joined the team to examine the possibilities of importing and exporting organic products between Cuba and America. Organic farmers and seed companies came together to brainstorm new ideas in organic farming that could be used to boost Cuba's rapidly changing economy and benefit both countries alike.