Culinary School Graduate Highlight: Kervens Pierre

Earlier this month, WCK was fortunate to have one of our recent École des Chefs (EDC) graduates, Kervens Pierre, in Washington, DC to attend Dine-N-Dash. Kervens graduated from EDC, WCK's culinary school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in May. Immediately after his graduation, Kervens began an internship as a line cook at EG Nicks restaurant in Plymouth, Michigan.

Kervens told us that becoming a chef was always in him. He initially started cooking at Have Faith Haiti, the orphanage he grew up in. He would cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 70 people, and he quickly realized that wasn't enough. He wanted to do more by creating dishes for people. Without anyone pushing him to do so, Kervens found the motivation and inspiration to cook in himself.  When we asked Kervens what he enjoyed most about his time at EDC, he told us that EDC is the only culinary school in Haiti where you are able to learn all the things that a real kitchen needs to operate. And now as a line cook, he said that he has learned that consistency is the key for a successful plate. "Be consistent!" he emphasized.

Kervens' longterm goal is to own many restaurants around the globe. He hopes to be able to provide job opportunities for the poor and to help Haiti by building homes for the homeless. "I love helping people, I know what hunger feels like, I spent 9 years of getting 1 meal per day, only on Christmas day did we get 3 meals. Helping others was always my dream," Kervens told us.

Lastly, we asked Kervens to share one piece of advice with current culinary students. "Always believe in yourself and go beyond what other people usually do and create your own," he told us. "And be consistent!"