Culinary Students Excelling in First Year of Program

Side Culinary StudentsLast year, Chef Dan Traster, a former Dean of Students at Stratford University Culinary School, developed the nine month curriculum for our culinary school in Haiti. The students are now half-way through the school year and Chef Dan assessed their skills and taught a guest course. He was impressed with the student’s passion for learning, their consistent knife cuts, and their knowledge of the curriculum. In his guest lesson, Chef Dan taught mother sauces and the science behind emulsification. The students soaked up the knowledge and made delicious hollandaise, beurre blanc, and sauce espagnole.

The students will take a mid-term exam soon and are on track to be ready for culinary jobs in the late summer after graduation. Brian MacNair, World Central Kitchen’s Executive Director ended the school day with an inspiring lesson from his own experience as a cook and told the students “you will leave here with confidence yet humility… you will leave here a chef.”