Decreasing the Spread of Disease in Vulnerable Populations

Haiti Safe Food Handling SideIn 2014, World Central Kitchen trained 121 cooks in food safety and sanitation techniques including the cooks and community members at our school in Palmiste Tampe, Haiti. In the rural mountains of Palmiste Tampe this training is vital due to the lack of access to medical care. The spread of disease and food borne illnesses from improper cooking techniques and sanitation practices can be deadly if not treated properly, which is why World Central Kitchen is working to prevent the spread of disease and food borne illness in these vulnerable communities.

"We are teaching the importance of personal hygiene, food safety and sanitation, and in that process, we aim to change the habits of entire communities. As teachers, cooks and students begin to change these habits, they carry this message home with them, and slowly, the entire community begins to change. - Brian MacNair, Executive Director of World Central Kitchen

Read more about how this training affects the health of entire communities in this article by the World Health Organization.