Empowering Young Women and Creating Hospitality Jobs in Haiti

ellieduboisWith a limited education and a lack of job opportunities, young Haitian women face incredible challenges. World Central Kitchen is providing life changing solutions through its innovative work at the WCK Culinary School School at Port-au-Prince, Haiti. With culinary training, we can empower young Haitian women to overcome great odds and find good jobs in the culinary and hospitality industry – jobs that can pay nearly five times what they would earn otherwise.

Less than 18 percent of Haitian children complete the 5th grade – and even fewer pass the state exam for completion of the 9th grade. The Elie du Bois School provides young women with a supportive and nurturing environment, so those who achieve that critical milestone can be successful. In addition to academics, these women will learn culinary skills, empowering them to compete for higher paying jobs that can support their families.

These hardworking, lucky young women attend one of the oldest and most respected girls’ schools in Haiti. The WCK Culinary School provides them with a solid secondary education conducted in French, as well as opportunities to continue in Professional School.  With the development of World Central Kitchen’s Culinary School for girls at Elie du Bois, these young women will have new opportunities for a career path in hospitality with focus on culinary skills, kitchen sanitation, and front-of-house service.

Through education and culinary training, we’re empowering these young Haitian women to lead more independent lives. This life changing project truly speaks to the mission of World Central Kitchen – Using the Power of Food to Empower Communities and Strengthen Economies.


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