Smart School Kitchen Will Double Zambia School Attendance

Miriam at StMiriam, the school cook at St. Mary’s school in Lusaka, Zambia is eager to practice her knife skills and learn about cross contamination as part of World Central Kitchen’s “Sink to Stove” food safety and sanitation training. This training is instrumental in reducing disease and food born illness as she cooks daily for the 100 students currently attending the school.

In Phase 1 of this smart school kitchen project, World Central Kitchen will install prep tables for the chefs and a new economical and healthy wood pellet stove. Phase 2 will include new liquid gas burners, refrigeration, and a mixer, proofer and baking oven for the new bakery on the school’s site.

The bakery will generate revenue to provide for teachers salaries and utility costs at the school. The revenue will also allow the school to expand its operations with it’s new sister school, feeding a total of 200 children.