Final Exams for First Class of Culinary Students

The first class of World Central Kitchen’s culinary school in Haiti is on their way to future culinary careers in the growing hospitality industry in Haiti. The class of 30 students took their final exams this week after a 9 month extensive culinary education. The unique model of our school trains the students in technique and the science of cooking while providing quality hands-on experience, resulting in a highly qualified graduate. 

During the final exam, the students prepared a buffet of mousses, pâtés, terrines, breads, and desserts. They also created dishes that mixed their newfound culinary skills with classic Haitian dishes including Griot Rillettes and Chicken Kreyol with Djon Djon Gelee. Griot (marinated fried pork) and Djon Djon (black rice with mushrooms) are two of Haiti’s national dishes and the students used new techniques to create fresh twists on these classics.

The finals were judged by many guests in the hospitality industry in Haiti and World Central Kitchen’s Chef Network. This included the Executive Chef of Marriott in Port au Prince, the General Manager of Marriott, the Executive Chef of Oasis Hotel, WCK’s Culinary Director, and more. Marriott and Oasis hotels along with over 20 other partners will hire culinary students for a one month long internship. These skilled students will graduate after their internship and will be ready for jobs that strengthen the culinary industry in Haiti.