First Class of Culinary School Graduates Start Internships in Haiti

Marriott Intern Side PhotoIf you look closely, in the kitchens of the top Port au Prince restaurants and hotels,  you can find the graduates of our first Culinary School class working as chef interns.  These month long internships will not only give our new chefs hands-on experience, but will give them an opportunity to show off their skills and passion for new jobs in the growing hospitality industry of Haiti. 

WCK partnered with over 20 restaurants and hotels to place the students at high quality internships. Among these partners are the top 5 hotels in the Port Au Prince area including Marriott, Best Western International, El Rancho, Kinam, and Occidental. Restaurant management and head chefs have already commented on the intern’s rare passion and wide culinary skill-set.

One of the graduates, Chavannes Ashley Djene (pictured in middle), is working double shift with her current internship at Marriott and her new teaching assistant position at the WCK Culinary School. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these rising stars in Haiti.