250,000 Meals Served For Hurricane Florence

In the weeks after Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina, WCK founder Chef José Andrés and World Central Kitchen's Chef Relief Team have served over 250,000 meals to evacuees and local emergency response teams.

Emergency Assessment

Hurricane Florence, which made landfall on the North Carolina coast late Thursday evening, has caused significant damage and will continue to do so as it transitions to a tropical depression and moves west.

  • 523,000 homes without power

  • 19,000+ people in shelters

World Central Kitchen Response

World Central Kitchen prepositioned a response team two days before Hurricane Florence made landfall and began preparing meals for response teams on the ground. WCK also coordinated efforts with the Red Cross to begin feeding shelters for those displaced by the hurricane.

  • 250,000 meals served to date

    1. 20,000 meals per day

    2. 100 locations served

Our kitchens in Wilmington and Raleigh have served 100 locations, with meals being delivered in heat-retaining Cambros so that meals arrive hot and ready to eat. In addition to serving evacuation centers, WCK's Chef Relief team has served the National Guard, local police/fire departments, and other emergency responders, who are risking their lives to bring others to safety.

World Central Kitchen's emergency activations following hurricanes (like after Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico) have familiarized our team with the challenges of preparing meals in disaster zones. Our kitchens have relied on generators to provide electricity during outages, and the team has had to navigate impassable roads in order to make deliveries.

These logistical challenges have not stopped our dedicated volunteers (most of which are local) from showing up to our kitchen every morning to prep, cook, and package trays of hot meals to go out to their communities.

World Central Kitchen's Chef Relief Team will continue to provide the comfort of a hot plate of food for those who need it most. But we need your help. Donate now to support our Florence relief effortsand share our mission with the hashtag #ChefsForCarolinas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.