Extreme Makeover: School Kitchen Edition

School kitchens in Haiti are getting an extreme makeover this year, thanks to World Central Kitchen's Food For Thought project. Thanks to the generous support of Share Our Strength, four kitchens in Ganthier are currently being built or undergoing major renovations with the guidance of our partner CESAL. Before World Central Kitchen's intervention, school cooks were forced to prepare meals in wooden shacks with three-stone open fire stoves—posing major respiratory hazards from open fires as well as risks from food prepared in an unsanitary environment.

World Central Kitchen is building strong, new kitchens with proper ventilation and space for cooks to prepare meals safely and efficiently. construction is completed, the kitchens will be painted and outfitted with an LPG cookstove, a three compartment sink, and prep tables, storage, cutting boards, and food safety signage. After introducing school cooks to their new kitchens, WCK staff will train the cooks on how to use LPG cookstoves and food safety and sanitation.

As a result of WCK's investment, a new kitchen will:

  1. Help to boost school attendance thanks to the provision of a daily meal.

  2. Improve health of school cooks and students thanks to clean energy and food safety training.

  3. Reduce environmental impact by reducing wood and charcoal use.

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