From Sink to Stove: WCK Teaches Food Safety in Haiti


During last week’s trip to Haiti, Executive Director Brian MacNair and Chef Network member Saif Rahman traveled to the community of Lebrun, where innovative changes are improving the lives of its people.

The WCK team was able to visit the neighborhood school where HavServe, a nonprofit and volunteer organization, is working to improve literacy and promote education.  During their stay at the school, Brian and his team taught nine school cooks Sink to Stove food safety and sanitation training, while 300 schoolchildren watched. The WCK team also taught the children the importance of thorough hand washing through an interactive demonstration, during which the children sang the “Happy Birthday” song twice while washing their hands to understand the length of time required for proper washing.

Lebrun and its people are an inspiring example of the effective change that can occur when a community and multiple organizations come together with the common goal of improving the way Haiti lives and breathes!