Good News from Haiti: 5 Years After Earthquake

haiti5yrOn the 5th year anniversary of the tragic 2010 earthquake in Haiti, there is much to celebrate.

While some press outlets may focus on what has NOT been accomplished, José Andrés and World Central Kitchen are here to tell you that there is much progress in empowering the people and strengthening the economy of Haiti.

Over the past 3 years, World Central Kitchen has strategically launched programs with key partners that help communities feed themselves, create a skilled workforce, and facilitate good business.

Here is the GOOD NEWS!

Successful Social Enterprise Models: Boulanjri Beni / Pwason Beni Both of these business models (Bakery and Fish Restaurant) focus on skills training, job creation and revenue generating social enterprise.  These R&D,food business, projects support the Partners in Health orphanage, and have proven themselves as successful social enterprise models - receiving interest for similar models from 6 potential partners in 4 new countries.

Life Saving Clean Cooking: Haiti Breathes This project transitioned 100 Port-au-Prince schools from charcoal burning stoves to LPG (liquid petroleum Gas), and provided food safety and sanitation training - affecting the health of more than 400 school cooks and nearly 50,000 school children.

Strengthening Haiti's Hospitality Workforce: Haiti’s Premier Culinary School In partnership with Haiti’s Minister of Tourism, Marriott, Coca Cola, and Gonvarri Steel,  World Central Kitchen has launched an 7-month pilot curriculum targeting 37 chefs-in-training and focusing on food safety/sanitation, advanced culinary skills, life skills and job search. This pilot program will set the stage for WCK opening Haiti’s premier Culinary School in late 2015, uplifting Haiti’s hospitality workforce and supporting tourism.

Communities Sustainably Feeding Themselves: Smart School Kitchen - Scale UP! Our partnership with CESAL has been so successful in implementing a Smart Kitchen model in Haiti's Palmiste Tampe community that we are partnering to scale up to 50 additional schools over the next 4 years - changing the lives of more than 250,000 children forever. We are providing cleaner forms of cooking, school gardens, chicken coops - allowing these communities to farm and feed themselves sustainably.