Haiti Breathes: Out of the Sink, Into the Stove

hb This week our Executive Director, Brian MacNair, traveled to Port au Prince with one of our Chef Network chefs to begin the training of school cooks through our Haiti Breathes project.

The Haiti Breathes project will transition schools in Port au Prince from coal and wood burning stoves to a cleaner energy source, and provide safety and sanitation training to school cooks. The new fuel source, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), will help to reduce the amount of soot and disease-causing agents in the air. Partnering with Switch Haiti, Chemonics and USAID, World Central Kitchen will focus mainly on food safety and sanitation training for the school cooks.

This week, five new trainees from different schools are learning “Sink to Stove” skills. This training stresses the importance of using of sanitized utensils and avoiding cross contamination. With this WCK training, these cooks are well on their way to providing safer food for the school children and helping HAITI BREATHE!