Haitian Chef Shares Strengths of WCK Culinary Program

Born in Haiti and trained in Paris, our Chef Mi-sole Chevalier leads the culinary team for the WCK Culinary School. She is elated at the progress of the new culinary students, and can already see a bright future for the culinary scene in Haiti.

UnknownI love my country and I love fine cuisine,” says Chef Chevalier. “It is with great pleasure that I am able to be a part of elevating the culinary workforce in Haiti -strengthening tourism and strengthening our economy along the way.   We have great cooks and fantastic food; we simply need to professionalize the culinary staff and allow them to pass on our beautiful culture through food!”

Chef Chevalier, and her team of three, teach World Central Kitchen’s Culinary Curriculum - providing a new level of culinary knowledge and hands-on experience, and producing 34 ready-to-work cooks for September of 2015.