Happy New Year’s from Our WCK Family to Yours

Here at World Cendec31webstorytral Kitchen, we’re excited to see how many lives we can change in the New Year. In Haiti, our new fish restaurant will be opening its doors, creating new jobs and providing healthy, fresh food to the orphanage. In the Dominican Republic, we’re excited to see the first batch of local honey imported into the US, sending money back to the community who needs it. And in Zambia, at our newest Smart School Kitchen, we’re thrilled to see the newly installed clean cookstoves changing lives through safer food and cleaner air.

Donate now to help World Central Kitchen make the New Year brighter for families with safer food, cleaner air, and good jobs.

You can make someone else’s Entire Year Happy with a minimal gift that will go straight to World Central Kitchen’s projects on the ground in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Zambia.  We are committed to feeding people sustainably, training people for good paying jobs, and helping people to cook cleaner and safer!

Please help us bring 2014 to a close and make a difference with a donation to support our work. Make your gift today, and Happy New Year from all of us at World Central Kitchen!

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