Helping Haiti's Schools Cook Cleaner and Safer

The WCK team is back in Port au Prince, Haiti this week as part of our Haiti Breathes project. In partnership with Switch Haiti, Chemonics and USAID, Haiti Breathes is transitioning schools throughout the Port au Prince area from coal and wood burning stoves to a cleaner liquid petroleum gas (LPG) energy source,IMG_3987 and WCK is providing vitally important food safety and sanitation training to these school cooks. With school back in session, WCK staff and Chef Network members Chefs David Destinoble and Peter Parsons have spent the last few days training 20 cooks in “Sink to Stove” skills that will improve both the food quality and the health of the students in these schools. This training stresses the importance of using of sanitized utensils and avoiding cross contamination. With this WCK training and transition to a cleaner fuel source, these cooks are learning valuable new workforce development skills and helping HAITI BREATHE!