Honey changes lives in Dominican Republic

21 Woman Cooperative Using the POWER OF FOOD (Honey) to change their lives In the mountains of the Dominican Republic , on the Haitian border,  a small village is changing the lives of their entire community with the production and sales of delicious Honey.

This honey is produced, bottled and sold by a Cooperative of 21 Women who spread any profit back into the villages agricultural center, while at the same time uplifting the quality of life for their immediate and extended families.

The village of Puerto Escondido (population 2000) has always had good agriculture, but with the help of our Spanish NGO partner -CESAL, they have elevated the processing and sales of products - dramatically changing the quality of life in this poor village.

World Central Kitchen recognizes the "Power of Food to empower communities and strengthen economies", and as such, will help double their production and assist in marketing the product in small towns and the Capital.