I’m in paradise (Part 2)

We continued our journey and visited some schools and street vendors using gas for their cooking. Yes! No more charcoal. Haiti is indeed changing but people are still wondering about the gas supply. This is not something a couple on NGOs could change, but the energy sector in Haiti should ensure such supply, standard regulation in shops selling tanks, gas distribution to remote areas guaranteed. On our way to the seaside we passed through a local market to buy some chicken, mangoes and avocados. In just one hour-and-a-half from Port au Prince, we’ll be in Bois Neuf. An amazing area on the beach with clean blue water such as the one we would expect in Dominican Republic. We passed by the Club Indigo Resort at Gonaives, some chicken farms, water lands, mango trees, sugar plantations, and hibiscus flowers everywhere. Isn’t this the true Haiti? We got to Bois Neuf and lay on the beach surrounded by impeccable houses that would make you think of The Bahamas, or any other country in the Caribbean, but hey .. we were still in Haiti!

A fisherman came by and offered us some lambi. “How many do you want?” He asked. “How many do you have?” we responded.  “Oh madam, I will just go and catch them fresh for you”. Two hours later we were enjoying fresh grilled lambi with lemon spicy sauce. Could it be another way of experiencing paradise?  Well, this is Haiti.

Not too many times stories about the beauty of Haiti’s nature, and the strength and resilience of their people, are told. We need to realize the potential of Haiti and envision its brighter future.

—The Haiti Bug