25,000 Meals Served By #ChefsForIndonesia

Just two weeks after WCK arrived to respond to the devastating series of earthquakes in Lombok, #ChefsForIndonesia has successfully prepared and served over 25,000 hot, fresh meals to those living in shelters and tents in four communities: Bangsala, Jengalla, Sire and Kayangan. The earthquakes caused extensive damage and displaced over 417,000, most of which have little or no access to food, water, or the essentials.

In partnership with All Hands and Hearts, World Central Kitchen's emergency kitchen in northwest Lombok has been serving thousands of meals every day;  hearty local favorites like Chicken Rendang (a spicy slow-cooked chicken dish), Mie Goreng (a fried noodle dish with boiled egg), and Ayam Goreng (fried chicken with a sweet chili sauce).

Our kitchen has been spearheaded by Chef Alejandro Perez (from #ChefsForPuertoRico), Sandra Wasler (our logistics whiz) and Chef Greg Laudner, who also led our relief efforts in Guatemala. We've also mobilized over 100 volunteers, including Gili Relief, a team from the Gili Islands between Lombok and Bali, to help prep, cook, and deliver meals.

As with all of our operations, we are proud to purchase local ingredients and employ local staff to support our relief kitchens. Jala, our truck driver, makes deliveries from our kitchen to Bangsala and Jengalla daily, loaded up in insulated, food-safe buckets. When he is not on delivery, he assists Rozy (pictured above) in preparing hundreds of pounds of rice used to make our meals daily. Jala's community was impacted by the earthquake, and he is happy to have a job that provides income for him to rebuild his house.

Another local cook, Chef Hardy, has been assisting daily in the kitchen working to prepare the massive amounts of food that go out on delivery every day. Yesterday, he was hard at work frying over 250 pounds of chicken which was then served with a sweet chili sauce for lunch.

The road to recovery for communities in Lombok is a long one. Over 75,000 structures have been destroyed or damaged, including resorts that employed many of the members of communities affected. In addition to rebuilding their homes, it may be many months before members of these communities are able to return to work. WCK's operation is essential to help support these communities as they begin to rebuild.

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