Intern Spotlight: Petit Ecole

Intern Spotlight is a series where we highlight the success of graduates from our World Central Kitchen Culinary School in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. 100% of our students are placed in internships within the hospitality and restaurant industry, and over 70% are offered jobs at the completion of their internship. Check them out below!

Jean Baptiste Ronicka and Jean Dieunie Laure | Petit Ecole, Port Au Prince

What was your favorite part of culinary school?

"We train like real chefs! We learn in a real kitchen and even get our own chef coats and set of knives."

What was the first day of your internship like?

"I was nervous, but soon my knife skills and training helped me to stand out. I am learning so much from the staff here and know that it will help me in my first job."

What's your favorite part about being a chef?

"I love learning new recipes and techniques. I only want to continue to improve!"