José Andrés is Keynote Speaker at World LPG Forum in Miami

Jose LPGThe 27th World LP Gas Forum kicked off in Miami yesterday with a keynote address by José Andrés on behalf of World Central Kitchen. Delegates, exhibitors and leaders from around the world have gathered to hear José talk about WCK’s important work converting school kitchens in Haiti from wood and coal to clean burning LPG through our Haiti Breathes project, focusing on the use of gas as a sustainable and affordable form of energy for the future. In addition to his speech, José will be signing a groundbreaking Letter of Cooperation with the World LP Gas Association President, Kimball Chen, where both organizations commit to working together – in partnership with WLPGA’s “Cooking for Life” program – to create a Good LPG Industry Practices Guidelines report, looking at best practices and lessons learned from Haiti and around the world. The first-of-its-kind report will encourage more countries to convert from biomass or kerosene to clean burning, safer, healthier LPG is schools, orphanages, hospitals, and other public building, and WCK is proud to be a part of it! lpg miami