José Andrés is Thankful for Your Support of WCK This Holiday Season

This Thanksgiving, Chef José Andrés sat down with TIME to talk about what he is thankful for this year. Above all, Joséphoto 1[2] is thankful for fire. He is grateful for the ability to be able to prepare meals safely with his wife and daughters, but that isn’t true for countless women and children all around the world – including the communities WCK works to help improve in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Zambia. The World Health Organization reports that, every year, over 4 million people die prematurely from household cooking smoke. In the US, we are able to take for granted that we can cook without jeopardizing our environment, and can provide meals for our families in a clean, safe, cost effective way. We’re grateful that, this Thanksgiving, your generous support is allowing us to save lives around the world through our clean cookstove programs like Haiti Breathes and Smart School Kitchen in Lusaka, Zambia. This holiday season, WCK is thankful for the support of José and all of the other people – including you! – who give us the opportunity to change and improve lives around the world through our smart solutions to hunger and poverty. If you want to help us save lives in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Zamia, please donate today. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from all of us at World Central Kitchen!