Marriott Hotel in Haiti Opens Doors for World Central Kitchen Graduates

Marriott recently opened a 175-room hotel in Port Au Prince, Haiti, not too far from the World Central Kitchen culinary school. The culinary school, located within the hospitality school of Port Au Prince, is supported by Marriott and was created in partnership with Stephanie Villedrouin, Haiti's Minister of Tourism. This partnership will allow World Central Kitchen to provide a skilled hospitality workforce to be employed by the growing tourism market in Haiti. Haiti’s unemployment rate skyrocketed to 40.6% after the 2010 earthquake. This new Marriott hotel is a huge step toward continued economic recovery and a boost to Haiti’s tourism industry. The opening of this hotel will draw the talent of the highly trained chefs from our culinary school, providing job opportunities directly after graduation.

To see what the Port Au Prince Marriott hotel means for the people of Haiti, watch the video below from the Clinton Foundation.

[youtube id="c2veQSLgWfQ" align="center" maxwidth="600"]