New Food for Thought Kitchens Will Feed 4,000 Children

World Central Kitchen's Food for Thought program is about to expand in a big way -- ten new school kitchens are nearing completion in Haiti. These kitchens will feed a hot, nutritious meal to around 4,000 students in Ganthier, one of Haiti's poorest regions. In Haiti, one of the biggest obstacles that prevents children from attending school is the need to gather wood for their one daily meal. Together with partner organization CESAL, WCK plans to build 50 school kitchens over the next four years. The kitchens serve hot meals to the students, encouraging them to come to class to nurture both their minds and stomachs.

Through the program, the schools will gain:

  • New, clean/improved cook stoves and/or LPG
  • New kitchens with prep area, ventilated cooking area, three-compartment sinks, and storage
  • Food safety and sanitation training for their cooks
  • A new garden and chicken farm, where space is available