New Program Opportunities in Nicaragua

In the mountains of Nicaragua, Fabretto, a 30 year-old NGO, is uplifting poor rural communities with social enterprise, quality education, infrastructure development, and more. Their initiatives are affecting the lives of over 10,000 children and hundreds of families in an area where the average income is a mere $2 per day. Their innovative social enterprises are not only increasing the income and livelihoods of the families in the community, but they are also providing quality education at Fabretto schools. In this region of Nicaragua, the coffee has been labeled some of the best in the world, but as a commodity, coffee pays very little per pound. One of Fabretto’s projects, among many, is a coffee cooperative that pays the laborers double what they would make outside the coop. 

World Central Kitchen is exploring ways to partner with Fabretto in Nicaragua with job creating and revenue generating projects that will support families and the local school in this community. We look forward to learning how we can work together to use the power of food to empower the community and strengthen the economy.