Smart School Kitchen Brings New Life to Community

JustamaRemondPT (2)Justama is one of five cooks at the Palmiste Tampe school in the mountains of Haiti where our first smart school kitchen was built. Attendance at the school has increased by over 150% with the addition of a fresh meal, clean cookstoves, vegetable garden, chicken farm and canteen. Justama, who has four kids attending school, described the life changing addition of the smart school kitchen;

“The entire community now cooks and eats healthier and we all chip in to cultivate the garden and chicken farm.  It is a new life for us.”

We are excited to share that despite a drought in Haiti, the Palmiste Tampe school was able to harvest vegetables on a weekly basis, providing meals with vegetables at least twice per week to the 165 students.

In the first 9 months of operation, the garden and chicken farm harvested:

  • 1,100 pounds of vegetables for school meals
  • 3,986 chicken eggs for school meals and sold for staples

This year’s harvest will be stronger, and will provide more healthy meals with vegetables, and increase egg sales to support the purchase of kitchen staples.