Orphanage Restaurant and Bakery Growth Provides Jobs and Opportunity

11724424115_c959392dbc_o World Central Kitchen’s bakery and fish restaurant in Zamni Beni orphanage are ready for expansion! The bakery will produce new menu items such as mango muffins made with local mango, and is working to obtain new contracts with hotels and local businesses. The fish restaurant, which will be open to the public in September, plans to use fresh vegetables, homemade juices from local fruits, and tilapia from the tilapia farm on the orphanage grounds.

The fish restaurant will work on finding catering contracts in the late summer to boost business and create more jobs, both the restaurant and bakery are expected to increase job opportunities and revenue for the orphanage.

Chef David Destinoble, the former Prime Minister’s chef witnessed first-hand the influence of World Central Kitchen on the orphanage and community, “To be here in Haiti, in my own country, and to be involved in such a great organization and doing such great things…for me, is priceless.”

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