PEPE Dishes Out Storm Relief

World Central Kitchen (WCK) demonstrates how food trucks are not just a fad, but  a tool to provide accessible and nutritious food for those affected by natural disasters such as El Derecho - the storm that hit the DC Metropolitan area on June 29th.

With many residents without power, PEPE teamed up with radio station 94.7’s Tommy McFly the following Monday to serve those in need.  Parked at the Silver Spring Long Branch Library cooling station, PEPE distributed gallons of water and approximately 150 lunches of gazpacho, flautas de jamon and potato chips to families without power.

Nearly a week after the storm, on July 5th, PEPE set out to the Anacostia Salvation Army Center, a popular  relief center throughout the crisis.  In merely a few hours PEPE served  nearly 250 individuals seeking food assistance at the center.

PEPE’s first time dishing out disaster relief as a WCK initiative proved to be successful in offering hundreds of people cool water and traditional Spanish fare over the days following the storm.  Local efforts to ensure food security via PEPE exemplifies WCK’s ingenuity and commitment to rapid response in alleviating hunger and supporting food security.