Empowering Women Through Clean Cookstoves

The school cooks pictured above are just a few of the hundreds of women we've impacted through installation of clean cookstoves and training through our project, Haiti Breathes. These new improvements make a world of difference for cooks and the students they serve. In Haiti, many cooks are forced to use equipment that is not only outdated, but dangerous. Many kitchens are little more a makeshift stove fueled by wood or charcoal on the floor of a straw hut, posing a hazard for school cooks.

To date, we have converted 150 cookstoves in Haiti, directly impacting the health and livelihoods of 600 school cooks and the thousands of students that they serve. We also train cooks and community members in food safety and sanitation, and use our chef expertise to motivate and inspire those we work with.

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