#ChefsForPuertoRico: Stories From The Field

Since September, World Central Kitchen has continued to provide a steady supply of chef-prepared meals to victims of Hurricane Maria—over 3.2 million to date. We continue to serve 5,000-10,000 meals per day through our kitchens to municipalities that are in dire need, including Morovis, where 80% of residents still lack electricity. During our time in Puerto Rico, World Central Kitchen has witnessed how food has the power to transform and empower communities in need. Here are a few stories from the field demonstrating the power of #ChefsForPuertoRico in communities across the island.

"Outside of San Juan, there is a municipality called Loiza. Because of its proximity to the ocean, the community has always suffered immensely from hurricanes and severe weather conditions. One day, we found a house that was completely flooded.  When couldn’t reach it without high rain boots.

When we made our way across, we found Don Lolo, a 82-year-old veteran who hadn’t had a hot meal in more than 3 weeks. We befriended this man and we promised from that day on to take food to him everyday.  Even Chef José went and celebrated his 83rd birthday with him! This is the true example of our work becoming our passion, and the people we help becoming our family."

-Yummy Dumplings Food Truck

"Our coastal community suffered a direct impact from the eye of the hurricane. We still do not have power. World Central Kitchen was the first to arrive with any type of aid to Punta Santiago.  For months, the residents have been living with no electric power and no source of food nearby.

World Central Kitchen has been a blessing to many of our residents such as the dozens of sick residents who get food delivered to them."

Nitza Ortiz, Centro de Servicios Multiples

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