Putting Fishermen First In Haiti

One of the core values of World Central Kitchen is transforming economies and empowering communities. One of our newest projects in Jacmel is aiming to do that in an often-overlooked industry: fishing.

Fishermen in Haiti like Andre (pictured left) and Jean (pictured right) work long hours in dangerous situations to try and catch fish to sell. Despite these efforts, fishermen like themselves earn less than $500 a year for themselves and their families.

Thanks to World Central Kitchen's investment in new fishing boats and a fish processing facility, fishermen can head deeper into the ocean, yielding a bigger catch, and have increased their income by 400%.

What does this new opportunity mean for Haiti's fishermen? Andre, who has seven children, said: "With this new project I can feed my family better and send my children to advanced school." Jean, who has four children, agreed: "[this project] will help to advance my children in school."

Many children in Haiti do not have the opportunity to go to school past 9th grade because their families can't afford it. With this additional income, Andre and Jean will have the opportunity to give their children an education they never could have dreamed of before.

Investment in Fishermen First goes beyond fishermen and their families. As program officer Jean Robert Sanon said: "I love how this project supports the entire community.  The more the fishermen improve, the more it makes me happy."