Pwason Beni Scheduled to Finish Construction in September!

Pwason-Beni World Central Kitchen is excited to be entering phase II of revenue generation and job creation projects with Partners in Health at the Zamni Beni orphanage.

To complement the success of WCKs first revenue generating bakery -Boulanjri Beni - a state of the art kitchen and restaurant is being constructed on the Zamni Beni property in Croix des Boquettes, Haiti.

Utilizing Tilapia from the in-house Tilapia Farm, the restaurant will focus on grilled and fried fish and will serve as an outlet for Boulanjri Beni bakery sales and future sales of chicken eggs - all generating revenue for Zamni Beni orphanage.

The state of the art kitchen will also act as a training ground to elevate the skills of current and future cooks that might want to move on to jobs in hotels and resorts.

Another Smart Solution to Hunger and Poverty!