Rising Hopes For Chawama Bakery in Zambia

This week, WCK Executive Director Brian Macnair and NY pastry chef Pichet Ong visited our Chawama Bakery in Lusaka. They helped to develop new products for the bakery to sell to help increase revenue, which supports the Oz School for Zambian orphans. Bakery staff will now be creating sticky buns, sweet rolls, and cakes, which will double the profit margin for the bakery. Chawama has provided a stable source of income and jobs for the past three years to Zambian locals like Mercy. Mercy was one of the first bakers trained by World Central Kitchen and has since been promoted to a shift leader with growing responsibilities including managing inventory and ordering.

Thanks to continued investment and training, Mercy will soon be making double her original salary.

"I am so happy to learn more each time WCK comes to Zambia," Mercy said. "I love to bake and I am now professional."

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